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What is Boom Lift??

Boom Lift which also commonly knowns as Cherry Picker is a mechanism that able the user to reach or access not only the horizontal height reach but also the vertical outreach with the aids of the mechanism structure. The name of genie boom lifts is coming from the machine outlook which look similar to the cannon boom.

Type of the Boom lift ??

The type of the genie boom lifts can be differentiated by 2 main factors which is the mechanism structure and the power sources of boom lift.
Firstly, we can categories the boom lift mechanism structure by observe the number of booms of the boom lift have. If there are only single boom, this is a Straight boom type genie lift but if there are two boom which normally known as primary boom and secondary boom, therefore this is a articulating boom type boom lift.

Secondly, there are 3 kind of power sources to operate the boom lift, which is Battery operated, Diesel engine operated and also hybrid power operated (a combination of battery operated and also diesel operated). The different of power sources operated are needed due to the different usage and the size of the boom lift. Battery operated boom lift are less sound and air pollution compared to the diesel operated boom lift therefore battery operated boom lift are suitable to use in a place that required less sound and air pollution but there are a limitation to battery operated boom lift too as the battery operated genie lift are not able to provide sufficient power to running the large boom lift as the large boom lift are too heavy and required more power to operated.

Range of the Boom lift able to reach ??

Battery Operated Boom Lift

Vertical Working Height: From 12 meter Working Height to 20 meter Working Height

Horizontal Working Reach: From 6.7 meter Working Reach to 14.1 meter Working Reach

Diesel Operated Boom Lift

Vertical Working Height: From 15 meter Working Height to 58 meter Working Height

Horizontal Working Reach: From 7.6 meter Working Reach to 24.3 meter Working Reach

Do Boom lift Safe to be use?

The main safety concept that support for boom lift are using counterweight concept. The counterweight of a boom lift may take up to 60 to 70% of the boom lift total weight and always located opposition to the platform control. Therefore, Boom lift are safe to be use as long as the operator follow the operation manual accordingly and do not load the weight more than restricted.

Why People Prefer Boom Lift Rental in Penang?

When it comes to boom lift solutions, there are many reasons that people prefer to choose boom lift rental in Selangor. Below, we have curated the list of significant reasons for Boom Lift Rental in Penang:

  • Enhanced Flexibility: Boom lift rentals give companies greater adaptability in terms of usage and duration, enabling them to change as needed to suit project requirements.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Boom lift rental in Selangor may be more economical than buying one, especially for short-term projects.
  • Maintenance and servicing: Rental agreements cover maintenance and service that relieve companies of the expense and obligation of maintaining their facilities.

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