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What is Spider Lift??

Spider lift have remarkably similar usage and functionality to boom lift and always consider as a variation of boom lift. The main purpose of spider lift is to provide extra flexibility and versatility that unable to access by the traditional boom lift as spider lift is lighter and narrow in size compare to traditional boom lift. The name of spider lift is come after the outlook of the machine as the machine must come with 4 outrigger which look remarkably like spider species.

Spider Lift Vs Traditional Boom Lift

In order to compare the advantage of the spider lift over the traditional boom lift, I will use JLG M600AJ (Traditional Boom Lift) and JLG X20-J Plus (Spider Lift) to do the comparison due to both of the machine are provided the same vertical working height and both are battery operated machine.

From Result above, JLG X20-J Plus was consisted only 35% and 33% of the JLG M600AJ Weight and
Machine Width respectively which will provide JLG X20-J Plus a very huge advantage to operate in more challenging and compact work situation. Last but not least, the JLG X20-J Plus using the track as a maneuver method allow it to travel better on non-even / Wet soil / sand surface compare to traditional boom lift too.

Range of the Spider lift

Vertical Working Height: From 20 meter Working Height to 42 meter Working Height

Horizontal Working Reach: From 9.7 meter Working Reach to 16.1 meter Working Reach Respectively

Do Spider lift Safe to be use?

In Malaysia spider lift rental market, renting lift usually will come along with a specialist operator to operate the spider lift due to the complexity of the spider lift. Therefore, the risk of using the spider lift is minimized. However, user of spider lift are also advised to double check the outrigger are well positioned and all outrigger sensor are well functioned before raising the platform to access the working place.

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